In Spring of 2009, Kayla Feenstra began looking for a space for a community garden in the urban area of Abbotsford where she could grow some vegetables and herbs, as her apartment balcony did not afford the space or the light. Not finding any urban community gardens, a good friend of hers–props, KP–spurred her on to think about starting one herself. She researched some plots in the downtown area of Abbotsford, and after various leads fell flat, she decided to step outside of downtown and look elsewhere, still within the urban area. After speaking with Parks and Recreation at City of Abbotsford, City generously offered to lend almost 15,000 square feet of land at Mill Lake for the purposes of a community garden. City has since rescinded their offer due to impending development, and we have procured other gardening space on private residential land–follow the links to see all of what is available!

We are very excited to partner with amazing community organizations to provide the community with access to space to garden, education on gardening and food and water issues, connection, and community. Plots are leased out at various prices, depending on location, services, and landowner requirements. If you’re interested in a plot, send us an email at contact@dragonlilygardens.com or 604.855.2624, and let us know what area you would like to garden in (or what area you live in) as well as how much space you would like! All proceeds from applications will be used to purchase supplies, tools, organic materials, seeds, perennial plants and shrubs, and other needed items.

If you already have space to garden, we encourage you to utilize that space. If you need assistance in planning, plotting, or planting and maintenance, contact Kayla at contact@dragonlilygardens.com or 604.855.2624. Also, send your contact information if you are interested in hearing about community gardening seminars.

We always need Committee members, volunteers, and sponsors. If you or your organization is interested in finding out more, email contact@dragonlilygardens.com

Happy Gardening!


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